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Student Health Insurance for Germany, Austria, EU and Schengen
for Students, Language Pupils, Ph.D, Scholarship and Doctorate
from only 28 € / Month (up to 5 years) !
(Use also for Visa Application or Extension)

Insurance company:
HanseMerkur Versicherungsgruppe in Hamburg - Advigon Versicherung AG

Visa: Application and Extension
Yes, you can use this insurance for Visa Application or Extension at the embassy and in the aliens department (Ausländerbehörde).
The insurance meets the current valid requirements for a Visa made by the decision of the European Union Council on 13.07.2009 and therefore can be used for Visa Application or Extension. The required minimum coverage of 30,000 Euro is ensured and is stated on the insurance policy.

Insurance documents: A few minutes after the Online Application you will receive by email your insurance documents as PDF Files. These documents are needed for your doctor's appointment, but also for presentation at embassies, consulates and foreign authorities.
Print and use them for your next doctor's visit, for Visa Application or Extension.


Student Health Insurance from 28 € /Month for Germany, Austria, EU and Schengen
(Students, Language Pupils, Ph.D. and similiar with optional Accident Insurance and Liability Insurance


Who can take the Insurance ?

Non-German language pupils and students, persons attending doctoral seminars, university college staff participating in projects of the relevant faculty and persons participating in language courses or in academic or fine arts courses/vocational training at state or private institutes in Germany and who are no older than 35 upon conclusion of the policy.


When is the Expiration of the Insurance Policy ?

The policy expires at the agreed point in time, at the end of the stay, when the conditions of a temporary stay no longer exist or when the person becomes liable to compulsory insurance.


Terms of the Insurance Policy for Students

Minimum term is 1 month; maximum term is 5 years.


Student Health Insurance for Foreign Students n Germany and EU
(available not only for University Students but also for Language Pupils and Ph.D. students)

Student Health Insurance with very affordable prices

Premium list of insurance plans Care College, Care College Comfort and Care College Premium

Product Care College Basic Care College Comfort Care College Premium
Term of insurance 1 – 18 Month Starting month 19 1 – 18 Month Starting month 19 1 – 18 Month Starting month 19
€ / Month 28,00 51,00 35,00 59,00 63,00 83,00

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What are your benefits ?

As the international community grows ever closer together, the number of people participating in exchange programmes across international borders, courses of study abroad, language trips and visits is rising. Demands created by a labour market operating on a global scale further reinforce this effect. In today’s world, it is almost taken for granted that people will spend part of the time during their training and education abroad.

You will be dealing with the cultural achievements of another country for a certain period of time. That means for you exciting and new experiences with the people and customs of other countries. But it also inevitably means that you will have to deal with the special general conditions and risks of a stay abroad going beyond your previous experience. The health insurance products on our website will be an enrichment for your life and not lead to permanent harm.

The Care College, for example, insures you for all of the risks due to accident and illness in foreign countries or for claims which can be asserted against you by third parties, as is the case with the additional liability insurance. The product meets the legal requirements set by the Federal government in Germany regarding insurance cover for foreigners in Germany. The insurance cover in the Care College Premium even provides better benefits for dental prostheses in Germany.

Tariff Care College does not cover USA, Canada and Mexico (NAFTA). For these countries we recommend tariff Care Amerika. Tariff Care College cannot substitute the Swiss health insurance (KVG) and can be used as a complimentary insurance in addition to Swiss health insurance only.

You can insure yourself with this product not only as a language pupil or university student, but in almost any activity related to a university or university of applied sciences. Please note, however, that you may not take out insurance cover with this product if you are a university student under the age of 30 in Germany who is liable to compulsory health insurance.



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