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Cheap Health Insurance for International Students in Germany
from only €24.50 / month (max. 5 years) !

Best for all Foreign Language Students, Grant Holders,
Graduate and Ph.D. Students at Universities and Academies.
It can be used for Visa Application and Renewal for Germany and Austria.

Insurance company:
HanseMerkur Versicherungsgruppe in Hamburg - Advigon Versicherung AG

Visa Application and Extension:
Yes, you can use the insurance for Visa Application or Extension at the embassy and in the Aliens Department (Ausländerbehörde).
The insurance meets the current valid visa requirements and can be used for Visa Application or Extension.
The required minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 is ensured and stated on the insurance policy.

Insurance documents: A few minutes after your Online Application, you will receive your insurance documents by email. The insurance policy documents are needed for your doctor's appointment, presentation at embassies, consulates, and foreign authorities.
Print and use them for your next doctor's visit, Visa Application, or Extension.

Insurance Cost, Your Benefits and Online Application ...

Student visa for Germany Schengen states


Health Insurance for Foreign Language Students, Grant Holders, and Graduate Students.
Best insurance coverage for all Foreigners in Germany during an Advanced Educational Program

The problem for you:

Foreign language students participating in studies related to language courses in Germany, and grant holders or graduate students at German universities, can't be incorporated into the statutory health insurance in Germany (like AOK, Techniker Krankenkasse(TK), DAK, BKK, BEK, GEK, or KKH), and make use of the inexpensive statutory student insurance. Additionally, any foreign students and attendants of the German Studienkolleg who are older than 30 years will have the same problem.

In both cases, you need to look for cheap private health insurance for students (starting at only EUR 24.50 per month, for example by Hanse Merkur Versicherungsgruppe, more details here ...)

The Best Solution in your case:

For all foreigners (foreign students in Germany), who cannot join the compulsory health insurance system yet, there are special and relatively inexpensive private health insurance rates from only EUR 24.50 /month. The private health insurance will protect you very well from the high health care costs in Germany, including medical advice or treatment by a doctor, dentist, or hospital.


Electronic Health Insurance Card Germany


The Benefits for all International Students in Germany

1. Can I Use this Health Insurance for Visa Application or Renewal?

Yes, this insurance accomplishes the German Embassy's and Foreigners' Department's (Ausländerbehörde) visa requirements. After your online application, you will receive by email any necessary documents very soon, usually within a few minutes. The documents can be printed at your home and immediately used for your visa application at the Embassy or Foreigners' Department.


2. What does this Health Insurance Cost?

There are three insurance tariffs to choose from Basic, Comfort, or Premium.

  • The "Basic" tariff (from EUR 24.50 / month) includes the essential basic services, such as ambulant, stationary, and dental treatments by a doctor or in a hospital.

  • The "Comfort" tariff plan (from EUR 32.00 / month) even allows you to get a partial payback of already paid insurance rates if you did not claim any medical services within the last 12 months.

  • The "Premium" tariff (from EUR 48.00 / month)
    Our Recommendation: If you want the best service, look no further!

    If you have problems with your teeth or wear glasses, we strongly recommend the "Premium" insurance coverage.
    Here you have many more extra services like cost reimbursement for the dental prosthesis, a credit note if no claims are made in one insurance year, replacement amount in the event of severe disease, visual aids, hospital per diem rate, and even accident-related dental prosthesis.

    The cost of the premium health insurance tariff is a little bit higher, at EUR 48.00 per month, but this tariff has excellent services for the price, and we recommend the premium tariff as the best option for the money.

Get all documents immediately per email:

Save time and order now online the affordable health insurance for international students and language students in Germany or Austria. Monthly fees are low, starting at only EUR 24.50 per month. You will get all documents immediately per email and can use them for your next doctor's visit, Visa Application, or Extension at the Foreigners' Department in Germany or German embassy abroad.


3. Who Can Make Use of this Inexpensive Health Insurance for Germany?

This inexpensive health insurance only applies to foreigners located in Germany or another EU /Schengen country for education or advanced education. This applies to foreign language students visiting a German course in a language school in Germany (even as language holidays), grant holders, graduate students, Ph.D. students, and participants of international university and academy projects. The foreign health insurance also applies to foreign students participating in an exchange program, such as DAAD, Erasmus, Socrates, a Working Holiday, Work & Travel, or Work & Study.


Visa Germany Language Course at the Goethe Institute Germany Schengen States

4. German Embassy and Foreigners' Department in Germany Require a Minimum Coverage of EUR 30,000.
Does the private student health insurance accomplish these requirements?

A minimum coverage amount of EUR 30,000 per person is required for students to be eligible for a Schengen Visa.

But do not worry, the health protection in all student tariffs (Care College Basic, Comfort and Premium) by Advigon Versicherung AG (HanseMerkur Versicherungsgruppe in Hamburg) accomplishes all the requirements for a Schengen Visa made by the requirements of Regulation (EC) of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union.

Even better, in these tariffs, the health insurance coverage is not limited to only EUR 30,000. Therefore, you will be able to use it for your visa application or renewal in the German Embassy or Foreigners' Department.

The Insurance Coverage in all three tariffs also accomplishes services according to §11 Abs-1-3 SGB V. The Foreigners' Department in Germany requires this.

A few minutes after your online application, you will receive your insurance certificate and treatments certificate by email. Any documents (original or printed) can be used in Embassies, Consulates, Foreigners' Departments, and border stations for your German visa application or visa renewal. Based on our experience, these documents are accepted by all authorities.


5. How fast do I get my insurance documents?

As soon as you have completed your online application, you will quickly receive all your documents by email, usually within a few minutes. The insurance policy can be printed at home and immediately used with your visa application or renewal in the German Embassy or Foreigners' Department.


6. Can I withdraw an arranged Health Insurance if the foreign student will not get a visa later?

If the foreign student/ language student does not get an entry visa for any reason, you will be able to cancel the insurance contract. In this case, please withdraw your contract immediately in written form, and you will receive the total paid amount, minus an administrative charge of EUR 5.00.


7. Personal liability insurance and accident insurance

Liability insurance will protect you from claims arising from injuries or damage to other people or property. Especially in Germany, where costs can rise to some millions, this insurance is critical. During your online application for the student private health insurance, you will get the chance to order additional personal liability insurance and accident insurance (starting from only EUR 2.00 per month). We strongly recommend doing this. Be on the safe side and check "Yes" in the field "Do you want to take out liability and/or accident insurance?"


Health Insurance for international students older than 30 years of age or who have studied more than 14 semesters

All foreign students older than 30 years of age when they arrive in Germany to study will not be able to use the cheap health insurance from the German national health insurance companies. The least expensive option for all these foreigners in Germany will be to arrange a low-priced private student health insurance (starting at only EUR 24.50 / month, more details here ...).

In Germany, costs for doctors and hospitals are incredibly high, so be careful. Furthermore, as a foreigner, you will have to prove the health insurance coverage when you apply for or renew a visa for Germany. You will need confirmation of health insurance coverage also to enroll at the German university.

Apply Now online and Save Time and Money
If you apply for the health insurance online, you will get your insurance documents by email immediately within a few minutes. You can print and show these documents, for example, to the Foreigners' Department as proof of insurance coverage.

Our Recommendation: The inexpensive health insurance for international students and language students from only EUR 24.50 per month ...

Another Great Alternative for All Students Over 30 Years Old:

Any German and foreign students over 30 years old can often save money if they change to private health insurance. Therefore, we recommend that you make sure to use the free private health insurance comparison. It is 100% free and without any compromise for you.


Travel Insurance / Travel Health Insurance for Foreigners in Germany

Students from other EU counties or countries with a "Social Insurance Agreement" can be insured in Germany by the cross-national agreement if they are insured in their home country. A student has to present an EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) of his home country or the form "E 111" when he or she matriculates with a German university.

In the event of an illness, you would have to get the form 80 or 81 from a German national health insurance company. With this form, you can go to the doctor, and he/she will directly account the statutory health insurance. Then, the statutory insurance will account your health insurance company in your home country. However, all students should note that the German health insurance only pays the necessary basic treatments to the attending physician. This is similar to travel insurance / travel health insurance and will not cover any other services such as preventive checkups or treatments of chronic diseases. Therefore, we strongly recommend getting additional travel insurance for Germany. The private liability insurance and accident insurance may also be from a significant advantage in Germany. Before departure, please ask your foreign health insurance company about the insurance coverage for your educational stay as a student in Germany or Austria.


Get all your documents immediately by email:
Travel insurance and health insurance for foreign students and language students in Germany, from only EUR 24.50 per month. Apply now, and you will get all your documents immediately by email.


Health Insurance for Foreign Students Under 30 Years Old

International students at universities, colleges, and academies are subject to statutory health insurance until their 14th semester or maximum until they reach the age of 30. This means: up to this point, you can join the national health insurance (like AOK, TK, DAK, BKK, BEK, GEK, KKH) and use their inexpensive health insurance premiums. All compulsory health insurances (GKV) in Germany pay any necessary costs for physicians, hospitals and medicines prescribed by a physician, with a small co-payment.

The student rates vary depending on the national health insurances (for example, from 01.01.2021 for childless students over 23 years: TK and AOK Plus: EUR 110.69 or DAK Gesundheit, Barmer GEK and KKH: EUR 112.95). Nevertheless, there are some vast differences among the national health insurances, especially regarding specific services and extras, such as back exercises. Therefore, please compare all insurance services in detail.


Knowledge of German Language

Would you like to study at a German university, college, or academy? All foreigners who wish to study in Germany should have sufficient knowledge of the German language. This is the only way to successfully participate as a foreigner in lectures, seminars, exercises, or exams. Please research all possible ways to learn German until you are in your home country. Of course, you can also participate in German classes in private language schools or visit adult evening classes (Volkshochschule). You can also learn German in an integration course in Germany. Then you will only have to pay a small fee, or the language course will be totally free for you.


Student visa for Germany Schengen states

Language exams

When you begin your studies in Germany, you will have to take an exam that evaluates your knowledge of the German language.

An option is the German Language Exam for university access of foreign university applicants at a university or college (DSH). The universities/colleges have all DSH exam dates. Please contact your university's foreign academic department.

The second option is TestDaF (Test German as a Foreign Language), which can be taken abroad, too. You will find all addresses of exam centers on the TestDaF Homepage. It is recommended to contact the Foreign Academic Department of your university, even if you choose to take the TestDaF test. The Academic Foreign Department of most German universities often offers its preparation courses for a targeted preparation for your studies in Germany.



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Wir lieben euch und sind sehr dankbar für alles, was ihr tut!

Svetlana Russland

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Guter Service.

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