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How to Apply for a German Student Visa?

Studienkolleg Krankenversicherung für Deutschland

Planning to study in Germany? Do you need a student visa?

If you are a student from non-EU countries like India, Pakistan, China, Nigeria, etc., and want to pursue studies in Germany, first you need to apply for a student visa at the German Embassy or Consulate.

German student visas may be obtained by foreigners who have received an official acceptance letter for admission to a German university, college of arts and music, or other equally recognized higher education institution. German student visa holders can either pursue full-time university studies or take preparatory measures before undertaking full-time university studies.

It is important to realize that many students do not require a student visa to study in Germany, but should be aware of the residence permit requirement. But If you require a visa, please apply as soon as possible, since the process can take a couple of months. To accomplish this, you should contact your local German consulate or embassy.

The German embassy and consulate recognize the importance of foreign students studying in Germany. The German university system is one of the best in the world. Studying in Germany will allow you to learn from some of the most knowledgeable professors in the world.

In this article, you will learn how to apply successfully for a student visa for Germany and avoid a visa rejection.

What Are the German Student Visa Requirements?

As a general rule, you need the following documents:

    1. An application form filled out in full

    2. Your valid passport
      When applying for a visa, you should have a passport valid for at least another year. You should also have at least two blank pages in the passport.

    3. Two photos

    4. Original and two copies of the proof of admission to the study course or prep school

    5. Transcript displaying your academic record

    6. German language certificate
      (If you are studying in German) Evidence that you are proficient in German or that you intend to attend a German language course

    7. Funding
      Ensure that you have the financial means to support yourself while in Germany (currently $8700 per year).
      One way to prove that you have the funds to study in Germany is to pay a security deposit into a blocked bank account; this means that the money cannot be withdrawn until you are in Germany.

    8. Valid health insurance policy (minimum coverage of EUR 30,000)

      German embassies have special requirements for travel health insurance. One of the requirements is that the insurance coverage should be at least EUR 30.000, and that must be explicitly stated on the policy.

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      This insurance meets the German Embassy's and Foreigners' Department's (Ausländerbehörde) visa requirements. Within moments of submitting your online application, you will receive any necessary documents by email. You can print the documents from your home and use them for your visa application at the Embassy or Foreigners' Department.

    9. Certificate of authenticity of the documents submitted.

    10. Criminal background check.
      The embassy may also require you to submit proof that you have no criminal record.

    Using a German student visa, what types of studies are available?

    You can apply for a student visa to Germany if you are planning to attend any of these types of studies:

    • Academic studies full-time.

    • German language courses for students.

    • Preparatory school "Studienkolleg".
      The course is required for foreigners whose school-leaving certificates aren't recognized in Germany. Following the completion of the course, you will take a test called "Feststellungsprüfung". A university entrance qualification certificate will be awarded if you pass the test. Once you have that, you can apply for university admission in Germany

    • Mandatory internship.

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