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Private Health Insurance for Expats in Germany

1. What is the Best Health Insurance for Expats in Germany?

Expat health insurers are companies that offer individual insurance plans which are not part of the official German public and private health insurance system.
You can use the expat health insurance as long-term travel insurance (max. 5 years) for your temporary stay in Germany, but also to apply for any German residence permit like Bluecard, artist visa, student visa, freelance visa, job seeker visa, or work visa.

from only EUR 58.00 per month (max. 5 years)

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Read below to find which German health insurance plan is the best for you.

These are your options:

1. Employees:
Public Health insurance is mandatory for employees unless they earn more than 64.350.- Euro per year; in that case, they can opt for either public or private insurance.

2. Freelancers and self-employed persons
can choose between public and private health insurance, though they may not always qualify for public coverage.

3. Student health insurance
is available on a public or private basis.

4. Expatriate health insurance is most suitable for newcomers to Germany who are not required to join the statutory health insurance (for instance, when you get a job as an employee). The ex-pat insurance is time-limited (max. 5 years) and it is a good option when you need to have health insurance to apply for a visa before your arrival in Germany.

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HanseMerkur Insurance group in Hamburg is one of the biggest insurance groups and tariffs start at just EUR 58.00 / month (max. 5 years).
Receive the insurance documents quickly by email after your Online Application.

Visa Application and Extension:
Yes, you can use the insurance for Visa Application or Extension at the embassy and in the Aliens Department (Ausländerbehörde).
The insurance meets the current valid visa requirements and can be used for Visa Application or Extension.

Insurance documents:
Shortly after your Online Application, you will receive your insurance documents by email. The insurance policy documents are needed for your doctor's appointment, presentation at embassies, consulates, and foreign authorities. Print and use them for your next doctor's visit, Visa Application, or Extension.

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